Fosters Seed and Feed in Beaverlodge

Fosters Seed & Feed Ltd.

Welcome to Fosters Seed & Feed Ltd. Located in Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada, Fosters is a diverse agricultural business consisting of several divisions. Started in 1952 as the Beaverlodge Seed Farm, Foster’s Seed & Feed now employs 30 people. The business also consists of a 2,000 acre seed farm, grass seed cleaning plants, and an agricultural retail store. The largest part of the business is buying, cleaning, and exporting Creeping Red Fescue worldwide. Foster’s Seed & Feed is the largest privately owned buyer and processer of Creeping Red Fescue in western Canada.

Fosters seed cleaning plant. looking down from above beaverlodge

Farm and Garden Store

store for web site 010Foster’s Seed & Feed operates a farm & garden center at it’s main location in Beaverlodge, Alberta. Many different products are carried such as vet supplies, fence posts, fencing supplies, garden supplies, Hi-Hog cattle equipment, tack, Champion feed and much more. Stop in and browse or give us a call at (780)354-2107 or toll free at 1-800-379-4804.

Beaverlodge Seed Farm

1079010_field_3The Beaverlodge Seed Farm is a division of Foster’s Seed & Feed. Located 2 miles south east of Beaverlodge, Alberta in the fertile Beaverlodge valley, the seed farm produces high quality, weed free seed.

Seed Cleaning Plant

1075801_grasswavesLocated in the industrial zone of the Town of Beaverlodge, Foster’s Seed Cleaning Plant clean mostly Creeping Red Fescue but also process Timothy and Brome Grass as well as Clovers and other hard seeds. Foster’s Seed & Feed is the largest privately owned buyer and processer of creeping red fescue in western Canada. The┬ámajority of the fescue is exported to the United States, but some seed is exported to Europe and Japan, as well.

Foster’s Agri-World

farm equipment and machineryA sister company involved in the sales and service of agricultural equipment in the Peace Country. At Foster’s Agri-World they can take care of parts and service of your farm equipment or help purchase new or used combines, tractors, or other farm machinery.